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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Let's see some checks and balances, people!

I'm waiting for someone, some brave Congressmen, to start the impeachment process against Bush. I mean, which is worse, perjury regarding a personal relationship with a women, or secretly and illegally running a wiretapping program aimed at American citizens? Or lying about the evidence to go to war? If Clinton's offenses were deemed impeachable, then this Congress for sure better start investigating the Bush administration. I wonder what Ken Starr is doing these days?

Sadly, Nancy Pelosi, the probably soon to be Speaker of the House, has said she does not want to start the impeachment process against Bush. She said this a few weeks before the election, so I am holding out hope that Tuesday's results may encourage her to rethink this position. Impeachment is one of the checks and balances that Congress holds to keep a rein on the power of the presidency. While I do not think Congress should abuse this power, like it may have been abused in 1998, Congress at least needs to take the first step and start an impeachment inquiry into the administration's actions.

The Bush presidency is notable for being responsible for the largest increase in the size of the US government since FDR (so much for small government Republicans). This administration has also increased and expanded the power of the presidency much more than any recent president. The Congress needs to show that it is still an active and equal branch of the government, and not just let the president get away with most anything he wants to. They need to show that they are alive and well in the role of presidential watchdog. If the Congress does not do this, no one else will. I'm not just being paranoid here, the Bush administration has greatly increased the power of the presidency, and has shown its disregard for the powers of the Supreme Court and Congress. I'll try to do a future blog on this.

Even if the Congress and the Democrats don't want to impeach Bush and throw him out of office, they need to at least take the first step and open an impeachment inquiry into his actions. They need to get the facts, to see if anything illegal has happened, and then proceed from there. All three branches of government have separate but equal powers, and it's time for the Congress to step up and do its job.


  • it'd be better (most of all for democrats in the congress) to take a conciliatory tack for now, strategerically speaking.

    the next election is but two short years away. and that election is not a mid-term election. Democrats not in the congress need to realize this - i think those in the congress already do. the use of power should not be directed at exacting revenge for what happened in 1998 - at least that should be the appearance.

    sure, checks and balances are needed, but talk of impeachment is premature. 49 seats is a very comfortable minority in the senate. the Democratic agenda will be better served in preserving what power congress can still call its own, and prevent any further erosion of constitutionally protected rights and liberties, at least for the moment. any assault on the executive outright - say, without further impetus from the "people" - will be a surefire way to destroy the achievements of 2006.

    in short, take time in dealing with what's happened in the past. just make sure those travesties do not repeat or new travesties aren't added. what's done can't be undone - and justice is not synonymous with retribution.

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